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Swarovski Crystal AB / Tanzanite Gunmetal Filigree Adjustable Ring

A unique, stylish and dazzling cluster ring handcrafted using Swarovski Crystal AB and Tanzanite crystals on a gunmetal filigree adjustable ring base. This is a truly sparkling ring that will leave people breathless when they see you wearing it. The best part is that it can fit any finger!

Each crystal has been securely placed onto the ring base using gunmetal head pins which I have curled around and interwoven carefully so that the ends do not show and the ring goes on and off the finger smoothly. Every crystal is fastened into the ring tightly. 

There are a mixture of 6mm Swarovski Crystal AB and Tanzanite bicone crystals and 6mm round crystals, plus one 4mm Swarovski Crystal AB cube to make it even more interesting.

$17.44  ($15.70 w/ArtFire Patron Discount)

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